A Soul Graph is an extensive, written report of your soul expression, karmic path, and individuation. Each soul graph collects the key variables in your natal chart that provide a comprehensive picture of what your soul's evolutionary path entails, including essential information for understanding how to generally navigate the space of your life optimally.

You will also learn basics about Astrology for each section in the report. Your soul graph is designed to support you to become stronger, healthier, happier and more empowered by connecting you to the language of your soul through practices or rituals that support the most enlivened path to wholeness and fulfillment emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The primary purpose of your soul graph is to help you align your free will to the will of divine/God (fate)--to realize how to co-create more consciously with your unconscious. Your will becomes free when you link up to divine will to respond much more gracefully to “fated experiences”.

You'll receive information about where your greatest potential lies and learn the truth about your unconscious, hidden self. This highly-personalized reading includes a copy of your natal chart and an interpretation for each area described below, written by your astrologer, Kinan Whyte.

***All Astrological Soul Graphs include a
30-minute Bonus Astrology Reading

Foundational Astrological Soul Graph
~ ($275) ~

In a ~30 page PDF, get to know your soul expression, karmic path, and individuation:

Basic interpretations and unique insights for the following personal placements:

The Sun (Ego)
The Moon (Soma)

+ Understand unique personal patterns for 4 core areas of your life:

Ascendant (Identity & Personality)
Descendant (Relationship Style)
Mid Heaven (Inner Authority & Career)
Nadir (Inner-Home/Emotions & Ancestry)

+ Familiarize with your exact "point of becoming" or conscious soul integration:

Sabian Symbol of your Rising Sign
(Point of Becoming)

+ Receive guidance about your soul's karmic destiny:

North Node (Key Lessons)
South Node (Self-Mastery)

+ Gain insights based on Evolutionary, Medical, Shamanic, Philosophical, and Psychological Astrology as pertains to your unique natal chart:

Your Planetary Allies (Shamanic Astrology)
Pathways to Healing (Medical & Metaphysical Astrology)
Mature & immature qualities for each Planet (Philosophical Astrology)
Connecting human nature for each Planet (Psychological Astrology)

+ Receive customized suggestions for key practices in self-love.


Extended Astrological Soul Graph
~ ($325) ~

In a ~35 page PDF, all areas from the Foundational Astrological Soul Graph are included...

+ Understand your soul's current evolutionary cycles through progressions:

Progressions are seen as depictions of how your natal chart is expressing itself most accurately right now—your current “state of mind”.

A progressed chart shows how your personality changes overtime, particularly the planets closest to the personality structure, such as the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, which all slowly “progress” or move into a new evolutionary cycle marked by the change of signs.
+ Get to know how the sky is currently impacting you through transits:

The term “transit” implies movement, not just those of celestial bodies, but movements in consciousness, moods, motivations, identity, preferences, and other behavioral proclivities. Planets transiting the sky also transit your natal chart, prompting changes in energies related to the signs, houses, and natal planets that they touch. Transits don’t always have a specific effect on your life; Sometimes transits change the feel of your every day-to-day life, but most importantly, they influence who you meet and what you attract—people with a predominant nature in accordance with the transiting planet.

Complete Astrological Soul Graph
~ ($575) ~

In a ~60 page PDF, all areas from the Foundational Astrological Soul Graph are included...

+ Receive details about the essential qualities of your unconscious patterns:

Mercury (Intelligence) Mars (Inner-Warrior) Venus (Loving Nature) Jupiter (Kingship/Queenship) Saturn (Responsibility) Uranus (Rebellious Nature) Neptune (Dreams) Pluto (Transformation) Chiron (Inner-Wisdom) Black Moon Lilith (Shadow) Part of Fortune (Power)

Example (pages 1-2 / 20+):

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