Astrology Readings...

Astrology Reading

  • Discover Evolutionary, Shamanic, & Medical Perspectives of Astrology
  • Understand Natal, Progressed, & Current Transits
  • Great for understanding more about yourself,  relationships, & your purpose on a soul level
  • Peer into your unconscious world and the seed of your soul’s intention
  • *Sliding scale available



Full Astrology Reading

  • This option gives you a robust understanding of your birth chart and/or basic astrological principles
  • For people who are seeking to really understand themselves on a more multifaceted level
  • Each reading comes out to be $250 per session
  • *Sliding scale available



Complete Astrology Reading

  • This option gives you ample time to explore all aspects of your soul’s evolution
  • For those looking to greatly deepen self-knowledge
  • We’ll jump into understanding major cycles at large (Dasha Vimshottori cycle) 
  • Each reading comes out to be $250 per session
  • *Sliding scale available



Additional Offerings...

Mini Astrology Reading

  • These sessions are designed to give you a feel for Astrology
  • Understand a full picture of key evolutionary cycles playing out now that are impacting your life
  • Get insight around a specific issue without diving into the full chart
  • Learn about basic astrological principles
  • *Sliding scale available



Bodywork Treatment

  • Release & treat stagnant energy, chronic tension, & injuries with Shiatsu
  • Balance your chakras and reset your nervous system with Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki
  • 90-min: $150
  • 75-min: $130
  • 60-min: $100
  • *Sliding scale available



CosmicRoots Session

  • First hr: Gain a full picture of your soul’s evolutionary path and connect to your cosmic allies with Astrology
  • Second Hr: We’ll pick & choose, body and energy treatments best suited for you to feel energetically empowered, balanced, & full
  • *Sliding scale available



Session times are designed for an allowance of optimal, deep, & integrative healing.

Connect to your cosmic roots.

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