Cosmic Roots Session

With the support of astrology to guide us into navigating your unseen/invisible world, we will use your chart as a way to deepen your bodywork session by seeding and activating symbolic language of your character/archetypal structure and soul's path. By feeling into the resonant pieces of your whole self, you may either gain insight around the dynamics of your current life happenings or sink fully into your body as you rebalance, release, and empower your energetic system.

Change is inevitable, but transformation is change made conscious. Bringing astrological components into bodywork sessions brings a deeper layer of awareness to the change you wish to see happen physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. ~*~

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings include an integration of Evolutionary, Shamanic, & Medical Astrology techniques to give you the best picture of your soul's evolutionary intention and direction.

Learn how to connect to cosmic/planetary/archetypal allies--how to understand the invisible relationships of key evolutionary forces on your life's journey.

We will examine your natal chart, progressed chart, & current transits. Book online to meet over ZOOM or in-person. You will receive an audio recording of our session and a copy of your natal chart, progressions, and transits.

Bodywork Treatments

Bodywork treatments are specifically designed to meet the needs of your current physical, emotional, psychological, & spiritual constitution, aiming to work on a multidimensional level of healing, addressing much more than just the physical body. We will balance your energy centers, transform stagnant energy, reset the nervous system, and/or just release physical tension. The benefits of massage therapy are countless.

Modalities include any combination of Massage (Shiatsu, Thai, Deep Tissue, Injury Myotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish) and energy work (Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki).

Astrological Soul Graphs

A Soul Graph is an extensive written report of your soul expression, karmic path, and individuation. Each soul graph collects the key variables in your natal chart that provide a comprehensive picture of what your soul's evolutionary path entails, including essential information for understanding how to navigate your life optimally. Soul graphs are designed to support you in becoming a stronger, healthier, happier and more empowered person who can develop practices or rituals that support the most enlivened to wholeness and fulfillment emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Astrology Profile for Kids!

The combination of planets, signs, and houses in a child's birth chart show what personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, and potential life experiences are having. Additionally, the parent can gain insight about how to instill confidence in a child's unique self-expression and path of individuation.

Each chart is created with simplicity in mind, including interpretations for 12 major life themes with symbols and affirmations for each...

How I Shine...
How I Feel...
How I Think...
How I Love...

Are These Offerings Right for You?

Astrology readings and soul graphs can clarify key lessons and soul desires related to personal identity, security, money, communication style, home-life, family, relationships, life-transitions/endings, belief systems, personal integrity, creativity, freedom, and connection to oneness and higher intelligence, etc.

Some additional reasons to consult with the stars: you feel stuck, confused, or limited by repetitive patterns, you need to break out of emotional loops, you need support understanding your role in relationship dynamics, you need guidance in aligning and validating your chosen life path purpose, you want to eliminate self-sabotaging patterns, you want to develop latent and inherent gifts, and/or you want to reclaim balance & health in your mind-energy-body-spirit.

Astrology is an incredibly validating tool if used with neutrality. This is NOT fortune-telling and predicting the future. I do my best to offer myself as a clear channel for connecting you and your intentions with the most relevant and practical information available to us. As we engage with another, talk together, and feel with a resonate truth, I offer strategies for you to best relate to particular life challenges while clarifying relevant evolutionary cycles.

Tap into your outer-inner architecture.

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