What is an Astrology Profile for Kids?

At the time that a little one enters the world, there is a snapshot of the sky that can be calculated when he or she arrives with a first breath. This is the Astrology Chart (birth chart).

The idea of creating an Astrology Profile for kids came from realizing the benefits of affirming, strengthening, and empowering a child's path from an early age. What if you could clarify your soul's path from a young age by understanding the unique personality traits that your soul desires to evolve, create, and play with throughout life?

The combination of planets, signs, and houses in a child's birth chart show what personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, and potential life experiences are having. Additionally, the parent can gain insight about how to instill confidence in a child's unique self-expression and path of individuation.

Each chart is created with simplicity in mind, including interpretations for 12 major life themes with symbols and affirmations for each 🙂

***All Astrology Profiles include a
30-minute Bonus Astrology Reading

Astrological Profile for Children, Ages 0-12
~ ($275) ~

In a ~4 page PDF, gift your children with an empowering set of affirmations for 12 core themes in his/her life...

+ Print your child's profile to hang on the room and read:

These affirmations are paired with astrological symbols with activating key archetypal faculties of the unconscious. They are designed to be read each day for realizing unique strengths, gifts, and pathways of empowerment.

+ Bonus 30-minute Astrology Reading

+ Bonus Astrology Guidance PDF:

Learn more about what a birth chart is. Learn more about the aspects specifically pertaining to your child's Astrology Profile.

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