Knowing your cosmic roots is knowing your soul & evolutionary path & purpose. Your soul's path is inseparable from the greater planetary cycles & cosmic unfolding of all that is within & beyond the earth's atmosphere.


To know your cosmic roots is to have embarked on a journey to discover why certain tendencies and attractions show up in your life. Typically, a particular tendency or pattern will continue to express itself repeatedly as a theme until you have learned a core lesson related to that pattern that permits a transformation of it. Often times we simply re-create what’s familiar, not necessarily because it’s actually serving us. 

Astrology is primarily used as a tool to open the door to your unconscious patterning, unveiling the WHY in these patterns. Results include insight, clarity, and guidance into your soul’s evolutionary path, self-empowerment, and a newfound inspiration to create a reality reflecting your soul’s deepest desires and intention for this lifetime. 

Astrology is a specific paradigm that reveals the evolutionary developments and evolutionary progression of any soul, which are mostly unknown, unseen and unconscious until they are made conscious. Astrology consultations serve the purpose of engaging in a process of making what is unconscious conscious or “seeing the unknown“.

It asks the questions, “Why am I here, and what are my lessons?”


World-renowned astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green, the creator and master teacher of this amazing work, has paved an essential groundwork and foundation for the field to develop further with perspectives from shamanic and medical paradigms. He notes “the causative dynamic within all souls that determines their evolution is Desire. Accordingly, Evolutionary Astrology reveals the types of desires that any soul has had in previous lifetimes that created what those lifetimes, in total, have been.

We all arrive in a given life, such as in the one we are living now, as a result of the composite of all previous desires. The past is always shaping and conditioning the nature of any given moment (the present, a new birth), as well as the future. The future itself is a function of the desires within the soul that reflect its ongoing need to evolve, beyond where it has already been. Thus it is the natural tension between the past and the future that shapes any given moment in our life/lives.”


Connect to your COSMIC ROOTS.

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The four elements symbolize archetypes or expressions of consciousness.


Wisdom of security, service, & integrity.


Wisdom of compassion, transformation, & surrender.


Wisdom of playfulness, balance, & creativity.


Wisdom of spontaneity, inspiration, & experience.

"...I've been able to believe in my own power, nourish my deep wounds and relinquish a deep joy..."

"The dreamtime infuses all matter and energy, connecting every creature, every rock, every star, and every ray of light or bit of cosmic dust. The power to dream, then, is the power to participate in creation itself. Dreaming reality is not only an ability but a duty, one all humans must perform with grace so that our grandchildren will inherit a world where they can live in peace and abundance."

Find greater balance, compassion, clarity, & purpose.