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Embody your creative potential.

May we be reminded of all we have forgotten, so that we may dream a new world into being. ~*~ SEE THE UNKNOWN.


You deserve to thrive as your best self, to embody your highest self.

Your birth chart is a unique map that points to how you can more easily relate to central principles of your soul’s evolutionary desires. Are you aware of your creative potential? Are you living and embodying your true, authentic, enlivened, and soul-integrated self? Are you truly co-creating with life?

Astrology is considered “the Rosetta Stone of the human psyche” (Stan Grof). Astrology effectually makes “unknowable”, unseen and unconscious patterns, dispositions, and tendencies knowable, seen, and conscious

If you’re not living with an awareness of your highest self’s evolutionary intentions, you cannot easily and boldly live and thrive with certainty, clarity, flow, and mastery of your conscious thought, intention, attention, and expectation of what it is you are manifesting. 

If you are ready to live life more fully connected to your soul’s evolutionary path, then a Cosmic Roots session, Astrology Reading, or Astrological Soul-Graph can provide a clear map to this path. Your soul yearns and belongs to consciously experience an integrated sense of…


pleasure, alchemy, & sovereignty


nourishment, power, & unity


joy, balance, & freedom


inspiration, creativity, & abundance

Connect to your COSMIC ROOTS.

Your life is inseparable from the greater planetary cycles & cosmic unfolding of all that is within & beyond the earth's atmosphere. Seeing and connecting to cosmic roots is less about discovery and more about remembering that invisible forces play within, around, and through you.


Why do certain tendencies, attractions, and behavioral patterns show up in your life? 

Typically, a particular tendency or pattern will continue to express itself repeatedly as a theme until you have learned a core lesson related to that pattern that permits a transformation of it. Often times, we simply re-create what’s familiar, not necessarily because it’s actually serving us. 

How can you know actually know what unconscious patterns are playing out and running the show if they are well…unconscious? Why do certain patterns show up again and again…and again? 

There is actually a symbolic language that describes unconscious and conscious patterns that your soul chose to adopt and experience in order to evolve on the spirit plane–Evolutionary Astrology.

The soul and spirit actually communicate through the body. Patterns and messages within the body–soma–are feedback from the soul, cluing us into how to navigate to greater fulfillment and wholeness. 

Everything is connected. Just as your ego has desires, your soul has desires. The body is a medium for the soul expressing its desires. The soul acts through the ego and communicates the language of your soul through emotions. 

These paradigms that reveal the evolutionary developments and evolutionary progression of soul desires are not new. However, they are expanding greatly as related wisdom traditions and scientific fields are informing astrology and bodywork. My aim is to develop the invaluable field of Astrology further by integrating evolutionary, shamanic, and medical perspectives while exploring psychosomatic theories and applications.

The unseen and unconscious are only unknown until they are made conscious. COSMIC ROOTS serves the purpose of engaging in a process of making what is unconscious conscious or “seeing the unknown“, primarily through astrology and bodywork.

It asks the questions: 

Why am I here? What are my lessons? How can I live an optimal life?


World-renowned astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green, the creator and master teacher of evolutionary astrology has paved an essential groundwork and foundation for the field of astrology to develop further. Evolutionary, shamanic and medical paradigms share a primary commonality: wholenessTo me, wholeness is a state of belonging to your most alive state of being. We all desire or long to live an inspired, dynamic, and radiant life. 

Jeff Green notes, “the causative dynamic within all souls that determines their evolution is Desire–desire of the soul. Accordingly, Evolutionary Astrology reveals the types of desires that any soul has had in previous lifetimes that created what those lifetimes, in total, have been. We all arrive in a given life, such as in the one we are living now, as a result of the composite of all previous desires. The past is always shaping and conditioning the nature of any given moment (the present, a new birth), as well as the future. The future itself is a function of the desires within the soul that reflect its ongoing need to evolve, beyond where it has already been. Thus it is the natural tension between the past and the future that shapes any given moment in our life/lives.”


"...every time I’ve worked with him I leave lighter, more centered...."

Connect to your unconscious patterns.

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