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The four directions / elements provide us with a map of consciousness. What do you want to cultivate?


Wisdom of respect, generosity, patience, & balance


Wisdom of silence, compassion, surrender, & trust.


Wisdom of wonder, playfullness, clarity, & consciousness.


Wisdom of conviction, purpose, mission, & inspiration.

Integrate body, heart, mind, & spirit. Are you ready?

My background is rooted in transpersonal psychology studies, psycho-somatic practices & transformational experiences with cutting-edge modern science in human potential & wisdom from ancient traditions. 

BA in Communication and Humanities, Science & Environment (double major)–(Final thesis on Ecopsychology), at Virginia Tech, magna cum laude

1000+ hour full certificate training in Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India with master BNS Iyengar & 8 years of self-practice

600 hour Certified Massage Therapist Program at Denver Integrative Massage School

500 hour Certified Herbalism Program at Herbalism Roots in Denver

Year-long Life Coaching Training with Achieve Today

Ongoing transformational sessions with Dr. Armand Bytton‘s 5th Way facilitators

Trained Demartini Method Facilitator with Dr. John Demartini in Houston 

7 years self-study in Astrology

Adam Sommer‘s Certified Astrological Apprenticeship Program in Denver

Eugenia Krok‘s Certified Astrological Apprenticeship Program in Evergreen

Jeffrey Greene’s School of Evolutionary Astrology course

Ken Wilbur‘s Superhuman OS course

Reiki Level I Training in Melbourne, Australia with Sarah Najjar‘s Restore Naturally

Reiki Level II Training in Denver, Colorado with Olivia Kenyon‘s The Healing Chakra

Craniosacral Therapy Training with Nick Night‘s Warm Hands Therapeutic

Advanced Training in Medical Myotherapy & Injury Treatment with Robert Haase

Weekend Workshops with Carolyn Eberle‘s Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

Countless hours studying philosophy from wisdom teachers & health practitioners, including Alan Watts, Jed McKenna, Eckhart Tolle, Alberto Villoldo, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Matt Kahn, & many others

"The dreamtime infuses all matter and energy, connecting every creature, every rock, every star, and every ray of light or bit of cosmic dust. The power to dream, then, is the power to participate in creation itself. Dreaming reality is not only an ability but a duty, one all humans must perform with grace so that our grandchildren will inherit a world where they can live in peace and abundance."

"...I've been able to believe in my own power, nourish my deep wounds and relinquish a deep joy..."

Session Options...

Initial Astrology Consultation

  • Discover Evolutionary, Shamanic, & Medical Perspectives of Astrology
  • Understand Natal, Progressed, & Current Transits
  • Great for understanding more about yourself,  relationships, & your purpose on a soul level
  • See Follow-up below    



Energetic Empowerment + Bodywork

  • Release current & chronic tension & treat injuries with massage
  • Receive a Chakra Balancing with Reiki
  • Reset your nervous system with Craniosacral Therapy
  • Transform stagnant energy into power
  • Follow-up: $155



Energetic Empowerment + Astrology

  • First hr: Gain a full picture of your soul’s evolutionary path and connect to your cosmic allies with Astrology
  • Second Hr: We’ll pick & choose the modalities best suited for you to feel energetically empowered
  • Follow-up: $175



Follow-Up Sessions & Packages...

Astrology Consultation

  • Discount Rate for follow-up clients who want a more in-depth experience with your astrology chart and are working towards a deeper healing
  •  Working with your chart regularly assists in deeper healing on the path to empowerment and self-discovery



Astrology Consultation

  • This option gives you a robust understanding of your chart at a more affordable price
  • Clients who are seeking to really understand themselves on a more multifaceted level
  • Each reading comes out to be ~$82 per session



Astrology Consultation

  • This option gives you a the deepest dive into the whys of your character structure and soul evolution to greatly deepen self-knowledge
  • We’ll jump into understanding major cycles at large (dasha vimshottori cycle) 
  • Each reading comes out to be $77 per session



Session times are designed for an allowance of optimal, deep, & integrative healing.

Find greater balance, compassion, clarity, & purpose.

Cosmic Roots is about reconnecting you to your deepest sense of Self--to your soul & evolutionary purpose.

If any of the following speaks to your heart, then you’re in the right place.

Aligning to your soul purpose and/or mission in life. Gaining clarity. Healing feelings of separation/alienation. Discovering a greater sense of cosmic knowing. Untethering past limiting stories. Regaining a connection to your dynamic presence & full sense of being. Learning strategies to release unresolved emotions that have become buried in the subconscious. Transforming your greatest pains into the foundation of your power. Working through grief effectively. Getting your energetic system into alignment. Healing your heart center. Connecting with Spirit. Radiating love.


We’ll primarily use Astrology to open the door to your soul’s higher calling, direction in life, and evolutionary path. We’ll work with your intention to hone in a specific direction. And/Or we’ll directly work on connecting you to a greater purpose, inner passion, and sacred soul mission. 

Energetic Empowerment sessions involve working together with parts of your shadow self or repressed emotions to retrieve what has been disowned, and discover buried treasures within it–a “coming home” process in which you’re able to engage with all of life from a more consciousness state of being. Results are usually feeling much lighter, inspired, and aligned. 


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