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with Astrology & Bodywork

Connect to your Soul's Evolutionary Path.

Are you living as the architect of your reality?

Do you long to thrive with greater trust and synchronicity–to intimately connect to your soul? Are you seeking a greater belonging to your most alive state of being where you are in a “creation-ship” with life? 

Your astrological birth chart is your unique map and soul blueprint clarifying your soul’s evolutionary desires, intentions, and necessities. 

We all desire to live an inspired, dynamic, and radiant life, but many  are not satisfied at a deep level of being because a soul-context is missing. Each of us have evolutionary desires at the soul-level but may not be actively participating with these key evolutionary forces.

Receiving an Astrology Reading can be one of the most impactful actions you can take to gain an awareness of–and live synergistically with– your soul’s evolutionary path so that divine guidance is commonplace.

Astrology reminds us that we are each architects of our own reality.

Aligning to your transpersonal nature invaluably supports your relative experience.

Astrology connects us to transpersonal reality—states of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. Kinan Whyte has experience of over 8 years “resourcing” at the transpersonal level with astrology while grounding his knowledge at the somatic level with yoga and bodywork. 

Kinan is a guide, intuitive channel, and bridge for connecting the personal to transpersonal so that you may find creative, original, and authentic neural pathways to develop personal confidence and universal competence.

Through the primary lenses of evolutionary, Egyptian shamanic, and medical astrology and  integrative practices in bodywork, Kinan is a trusted guide and facilitator of:

  • creating greater meaning & purpose
  • feeling greater overall life-path certainty
  • smoothly navigating major life transitions
  • connecting to divine intelligence
  • embodying your true, authentic, and unique self

Connect to your soul’s evolutionary path and divine guidance.


Schedule an Astrology Reading, purchase an astrological soul graph, or book a free consultation.


Begin or continue to explore the context of your soul’s evolutionary path and greater universal cycles at large.


Boldly live and thrive with greater certainty, clarity, flow, and mastery as you continue to unify your mind-body-heart-spirit within a soul context.

“Destiny is saying yes to the calling we were born with.” — Alberto Villoldo

Imagine finding greater ease & grace connecting to each aspect of your being so that you have practical tools to navigate life from a place of trust and confidence because you are aware of unique creative potentials on your life path. 

  • Boldly live and thrive with greater certainty, clarity, flow, and mastery.
  • Consciously create from the quantum field with clear intention, attention, and awareness of what it is you most want to manifest.
  • Develop self-awareness, self-management and self-learning within a soul-context.
  • Clarify purpose, vision, and values.
  • Learn about the nature of planetary cycles that shape relative and transpersonal reality.

Fulfill your soul yearning and "be-longing" to consciously experience an integrated sense of…


pleasure, responsibility,
& sovereignty


inner-security, empowerment,
& compassion


joy, balance,
& freedom


inspiration, creativity,
& abundance

What clients are saying…

"...helping me to acknowledge my own personal rhythms..."

Astrology bridges inner and outer worlds & helps us making the "unseen" [subconscious] seen.

Astrology is considered “the Rosetta Stone of the human psyche” (Stan Grof) and is an excellent tool for personal mastery, because it supports the process of living and working purposefully towards a vision, living in alignment with one’s values, and cultivating a constant learning about oneself and the reality in which one exists. 

Astrology effectually makes “unknowable”, unseen and  unconscious patterns, dispositions, and tendencies knowable, seen, and conscious. Astrological perspectives can validate past, present, and future cycles of learning, feeling, healing, growth, and spiritual development. Astrology helps us catalyze the process of spiritual awakening and “soul-embodiment”–a healthy identity structure in which the ego is in appropriate proportion with soul.

When you learn about your birth chart, you are becoming aware of evolutionary paths in your life; Zodiac = “life path”. Each person has all properties (signs) of the path of life (Zodiac). Each sign of the zodiac symbolizes specific consciousness in the totality of human consciousness on Earth in time-space reality that are expressed through archetypes. Planetary cycles impact your personal life path and the collective life path. Thus, the Zodiac informs your life path from birth to death (and in each incarnation).

12 signs, 12 apostles (human types), 12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 gates of New Jerusalem, 12 Adityas or divine beings (Vedic lore), 12 labors of Hercules, 12 houses of Aesir (Germanic mythology = identical factors in the human collective unconscious and paths of life in man or archetypal symbols of the individual and collective life process. Explore what signs in your chart are emanating through your being so you may tap into your divine intelligence–your cosmic roots.

Not quite ready to dive in?

Book a free consultation and receive a mini-reading on working with subtle energy through your Moon sign, a copy of your chart, & a guidebook for understanding astrology.

Ready for a full reading?

Book a full reading and receive an mp3 recording and “Planetary Ally Guidebook” for working with and embodying specific planetary energy regarding your soul’s evolutionary journey.

Looking for bodywork?

From modern western techniques to ancient eastern philosophy and subtle energy sciences and arts, Kinan offers therapeutic soft tissue and energy work that treats injuries, counters physical stress, and enlivens the subtle [energy] body. 

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